Monday, November 15, 2010

Is Where Kinnavieve Says A Goodbye

Hello, Alex.

Hello, child.

I, um, I came to say goodbye. The fighting's pretty much over, you see, and, well, I think my dad could use a hand running the lumbermill. He's over forty now, you know, and I think it's, um, more than he can handle on his own. So, well, I think it's time I, uh, go home.

Of course. I wish you a swift and safe journey, and please tell your father I said hello.

You're not, um, you're not, uh (get a grip Kinna, get a grip) you're not disappointed? In me? Are you?

Why on Azeroth would I be disappointed in you?

Because, well, you told me to be strong. To be a hero. That my people needed me. And, well, I haven't been. Not lately. I just been, you know, in the background....

Kinnavieve. You faced down Kel'thuzad in his own sanctum. You stopped Loken before he could release Yogg-Saron upon us. You rallied the Argent Crusade when their attack on Icecrown was all but lost. You have trained both Morani and Jinnik. You have most definitely been there when your people needed you. And I am proud of you, as I knew I would be.

I ... I ... You really mean that? (No tears, Kinna, you promised yourself no tears!)

Of course I do. I never lie, child. Especially not to you.

But, Alex, at the end. The attack on Icecrown Citadel. I wasn't there. I think, maybe, I should have been. Maybe, if I had, things might have been different. Maybe, you know, if I hadn't been so, so .... If I had been a better servant of the Light, if I had been more humble and forgiving, if I hadn't said some of those things. Maybe, um, maybe it wouldn't ... happened ... I don't know ....

Child. Vyprania was a tortured soul, and in great pain, but she chose her own destiny. We can grieve for her, and we can remember the time she was with us, and learn from our choices if we choose. But she lived her own life, the good and the bad, and what happened to her was not your fault.

(Her embrace is warm, and loving, and accepting. It's almost as if I am a little girl again, and my grandmother was still alive. Although Grandmother never would have been caught dead in that outfit. Giggle.)

Ah, that's better. Here, dry your eyes. So, you are going back to your father's lumbermill. You certainly have some powerful axes to cut your wood with.

Ha. No, I'm going to retire these, put them in the attic or something. Chopping lumber would be beneath them. And it'd look funny.

Well, you would know these things better than I. Now, wouldn't going back to Nowhereshire mean you would be near a certain handsome young lieutenant who is to be stationed, I believe, at the Northshire Abbey?

What? (blush) No, I mean, how? (stammer) How do you? (breath, Kinna, breathe) I mean, I haven't told anyone ...

Kinnavieve, I am the Life-Binder. I have known you since before you were born. You cannot keep such secrets from me, not when your heart is so full. Now, it is not for me to say whom you should or not tell, but I do hope you will be telling this young man how you feel. Soon, yes?

Alex, I, I, I (stop frickin' stammering, Kinna) I don't know about that. I mean, he's so wonderful, and me? I've got a face like a horse and a chest like a boy and I'm sure he'd want some dainty little thing who be pretty and make him happy, You know?

I do not see the future, and it is not for me to tell you what is in another's heart. But I can tell you, from my own experience, not all men are drawn to dainty little things. Some men are drawn to women they can admire. Some men are drawn to heroes. I do not believe you would be interested in his man if he were interested in dainty. I believe if you tell him how you feel, that you will not regret it. So take courage, the same courage you had in the bowels of Naxxramas, and go find him.

I. I will! (nod. nodnodnod)

Good. Now, go. Go back to your home, and your father, and handsome young David Shellworth. But Kinnavieve?

Yes, Alex?

Keep your axes sharp. The Lich King is defeated, but there are other evils in the world. And I fear someday you may need them again.


BlueTiger said...

goosebumps and tears in my eyes. /bow

Barryhn said...

You're a talented bugger 'aint ya ^^


Fantastic stuff. I've not often seen writers who can make me howl laughing in one post and make me cry in the next :P Bravo sir, Bravo :)

Joar said...


That was really an excellent post.

Maebius said...

I haven't posted here, but I have been reading since before the first hilarious garrnblybarble post.

This was epic. I'll second the goosebumps, and that's saying something. WOW!

Kayeri said...


Khol Drake said...

Enjoy your retirement, Kinna. You've certainly earned it.