Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Shattering: Mad Rats

My life fades. My vision dims.
All that remain are memories.
I remember a time of chaos. Ruined dreams. This wasted land.
But most of all, I remember the Orc Warrior.
The man we called "Rats".
To understand who he was, you have to go back to another time.
When the world was powered by the blue mana, and the sky sprouted great cities of stone and crystal.
Gone now, swept away.
For reasons long forgotten, two mighty warrior tribes went to war and touched off a blaze which engulfed them all.
Without city portals, they were nothing. They'd built a world of straw.
The laggy hubs sputtered and stopped.
Their leaders talked and talked and talked. But nothing could stem the cataclysm.
Their world crumbled.
The cities exploded.
A whirlwind of looting, a firestorm of fear.
Men began to feed on men.

In the roar of a volcano he lost everything.
And he became a shell of a man. A burnt out, desolate man.
A man haunted by the demons of his past.
A man who wandered out into the wastelands.
And it was here, in this blighted place, that he learned to live again.


LifeDeathSoul said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! I'm sorry to hear about the losses of Mr.Ratshag :(

but, Moar! I need moar of this story XD

Joar said...

Rats - just when I think you've topped yourself, the very next day, along comes something just as briliant. Something that makes me just stop and go "wow.".

And what really impresses me is that what you've posted can be completelt different, and yet still equally impressive.

/awed salute

Kayeri said...

Kinna and now Ratters... oh my...

Kusamoto said...

"A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards."

A terrible disservice has been done to our heroes, Kinna, Vyp, and Ratters. I sense there will be a horriffic reckoning when Ratters and company are born again hard.