Saturday, November 13, 2010

Is Where Jinnik Has A Question

They are traitors to all of us. They seek to destroy our world and slay us all. They carry arcane devices to summon destructive elementals. They hide in shadows and cast dark rituals. The elude our guards and flaunt our laws. When we catch them, they claim others will take their place and we will all die anyway. We bind them with unbreakable mystic chains, for they are all together evil, down to their very core.

So, why do we let them keep their horses?


Dwism said...

Because we are not like them, we are better.

Lazaros of Llane said...

Dwism almost makes me feel like a bad man for going seal form and making them swim after me in the canals for multiple laps.


Gyorg said...

I'm more curious as to how they ride so well at my speeds. 200% of regular running speed with their hands tied behind their back? I kept waiting for one to fall off from lack of balance... I can only conclude that they're all corrupted balance druids.