Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Buggers Missed One

So, me and The Purge was kickin' around Dalaran in the Secret Purge Headquarters and Laundromat, when I says, Hey! Let's go check out that Ice Cream Social place, mebbe there's still some action we can get in on there. So off we heads, and great googly moogly, there's a bug-arsed floaty skeleton thingy with a lotta heads. How the fuhg all you high-end raider types been missin' him fer the past eight months, I got no clue. But, the bluggernubber gotta die - cain't be leavin' bosses wanderin' around like they owns the joint.

So die he did.

Is big thanks ta Stop the identity-challenged Death Knugget fer lending us a hand this night. In additions ta him, we had the following Purginistas: Tarsius the grumpy druid, Zinzi what Gives Good Resurrection, and Cameron what sounds like Swaggerin what sounds like Zeenaa was all on heals. Lady Jessrayge, Rim Who Be Awesome, Ixtaros What Smells Only A Little Dead, and Throttle What Smells All Kinds of Dead joined the Stoppifier on deeps. And as usual tanking were provided by Big Bad Guun and me truly.

After them bones, them bones stopped a-clatterin' we found a couple nice swords in the rubblefications. A big one fer Ix, and a little one fer Rim. Was a most successful outing.


Lady Jessrayje said...

And picture proof of the female Orc!!

Stop said...

Female orcs: they do exist! Have one in my guild, too. She's a warrior!

Grats on Marrowgar. LDW next?

Kadomi said...

Grats, you Purgers of big bony dudes.

But what's this talk about proofs that female orcs exist? Do you want to make me cry? Of course we exist!