Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Lesson On Being A Soldier Of The Light

Kinnavieve, I am troubled.

What is it, young Jinnik?

So many of the adventurers I am working with to clear dungeons. They .... they are not very good.

Ah. You must remember, Jinnik, you and I are soldiers of the Light. We have a sacred duty to help and each our fellow travelers. Remember, many of them do not have seniors to learn from, as you and I did from Ratshag. Seniors who are wise in the ways of the blogosphere, and had the good fortune to dungeon raid with such legends as Vonya and the Big Red Kitty. You must be patient with them, and gently explain that Righteous Fury will focus the monsters anger against the most easily healed member of the party, and that a hunter will slay his foes more readily if he stands at a distance and fires his bow rather than charging in like a warrior. Teach them to wait for the group defender to maneuver the foe to an advantageous position, and to wait when you need to replenish your mana. Always remember that a soldier of the Light is calm and serene and patient with those not as knowledgeable or experienced.

But Kinnavieve, what if that is not enough?. What if one of my team members does not heed my instructions, but insists on behaving in a reckless fashion?

Ah. Should that be the case, then break his frickin' jaw.

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Khol Drake said...

This is sage advice.