Monday, August 23, 2010

Lady RNG Is A Cruel Bitch

So, Phoenicia finally got herself geared ta the point where the DF would let her inta the Pit of Saron. And looky looky, the Tyrannical Beheader, favorite pre-raid weapon of any plate-wearin', two-hander-swingin', tougher-n-nails bugger, done dropped.

So of course, the tank out-rolled her. By one thuggernubbin' point.



Kusamoto said...

And the tank was rolling need on a 2-handed DPS, non-tanking weapon, when other melee DPS needed it for main spec, because.....?

Skraps said...

That is why I hate the Dungeon Finder. I lost Ick's Rotting Thumb to a Hunter, who said he needed it for PvP.

Despite cries of I need it to down the next boss! He wouldn't give it up, and quit the group.

Skraps said...

p.s. I also love the dungeon finder.

ZombiePirate said...

When I was on my Death Knight, my tank and only tank specced Death Knight I went into LFD and got sent to Hellfire Ramparts. We went up against my Dragon Orc and he dropped the tanking pants. I, of course, needed on them, so did the DPS warrior who won them and quit group before I could finish typing my "WTF!". Needless to say they never dropped again in all the time I ran that place before out-levelling it.

The Bitter Fig said...

I've got some sympathy for folks rolling need on offspec stuff. It can be hard to build an offspec at times, key items can rarely drop, and so forth. You never know when someone's one or two items away from making a switch, and you also have to judge relative to whatever loot someone has. I'd feel no qualms rolling need as a tank against a fury if they had one beheader and a 219 OH, but I wouldn't do the same thing against someone in two blue weapons. However, it does suck hard to loose something to someone who easily might not use it.

If someone's offspec rolls were discounted 33% or simply have 25 points deducted from the roll, or something like that, where you can roll need but be given lower odds. That seems fair enough.

My bigger peeve is when folks roll need on stuff they clearly don't. Someone in all ICC stuff rolling need on a blue. I'd rather lose an item to an offspec who'll use it, than a mainspec who clearly has better but just wants the money.


But anyhow, RNG is funny like that. I've had toons who hunted for months for items, my warrior took 34 runs of FoS to get the scorpion, but my rogue gets it in three. My DK who I prefered DW with sees the Beheader drop while wearing a 219 and a blue 200 pair of 1h weapons, passes and regrets it. Next PoS it drops again, I roll, and win against a tank and a paladin. And then my holy Paladin can never seem to get a shield and is stuck with the Emblem one... That's RNG for you...