Sunday, August 15, 2010

Is Where Sumthin' Ain't Right

Now, me and Kinnavieve, we's both veteran tanks. And we gots a lotta respect and affection fer each other. And we's both swingin' Tier 9 - level tankin' weapons.

But how is it what the pasty-skinned human got the axe, while the amazingly virile orc got the sword? Is all backwards and discombobulated, I tells ya.


Kusamoto said...

Because Rimefang's Claw is liquid awesome for tanking. Don't care if it's a sword; it's fantastic.

At least, I think that's Rimefang's claw you're rocking...can't tell from here and I'm at work so WoWHead ist verboten.

The Bitter Fig said...

Claw does rock, but for an orc Wrist Chopper beats it. That 5 expertise is huge and easily makes up for the poor trade of dodge for block rating. Anyone other than an orc who uses the chopper rather than the claw (when they have a choice) needs to have his head examined or something similar.