Monday, November 24, 2008

Is Where Kinnavieve Is Puzzled

Hello gentle readers.

I just don't get it. Yes, Muradin Bronzebeard was a hero. Yes, he was a founder of the Explorer's League. Yes, he died in Northrend (mainly because he was too dense to realize Arthas was, you know, completely evil). 

BUT! At a time when the Alliance is so short-handed that they need to send me, a soldier of the light, out into the field to collect the frickin' cannonballs, and nobody has time to go talk to the Ancients to find out why the proto-drakes are all stirred up, how is it that we've got the manpower to waste on building a frickin' statue? Huh?



Anonymous said...

it's a matter of morality ;)

Cosmos said...

Statues are serious business.

Also: those cannonballs are HEAVY. Every try lifting one of those with a strength lower than 100? It's not fun.

Khol Drake said...

Welcome to the infantry, private, population: you. Maybe once you've proven you can follow simple instructions by collecting cannonballs and talking to the ancients to find out what's got the proto-drakes all riled up, you can be trusted with more important duties, like collecting bat guano for explosives.

Kusamoto said...

It's all about budgeting, you see, which relates to government accounting.

See, the Alliance Office of Management and Budget has several different calculation methods for proper application of personell and funding for each division of the government, and these allocations are made at the beginning of the fiscal year. Since it takes a plurality of votes to change the budget mid-year and, let's face, most peasants are illiterate and therefore excluded from the parlimentary process, changes are rare. Therefore, the capital improvements budget cannot be applied to the defense department's projects and vice-versa, even though your lovely statues now sit outside sacked, burned, and razed castles.

P.S.-This never made a lot of sense to me in my civics classes, either.

Gauntlet said...

There are craftsmen who are not fit to be in the field, and it provides a healthy incentive to those left behind (for whatever reasons) that the Military is Good, the Heroes are Good, We Are Good, and if you have any spare change or men, We would certainly appreciate them.

Vaelin said...

I agree, cancel all government subsidies for the arts!

Seriously though... and perhaps I'm not reading the sarcasm correctly... it's there to make a statement about the commander there more than anything else. After having a few conversations with you guy, you realize he's a bit full of himself... acts more like a human or orc than a dwarf if you ask me... :P

I actually wondered if that was Muradin or a statue of the commander when I saw it after meeting him.

Arnek said...

Hey man, just stumbled upon your blog from google. Muradin Bronzebeard isn't dead, infact he's till alive and just had a little amnesia, he doesn't remember who he is.