Tuesday, November 11, 2008

'Cause I's So Fuhggin' Diplomatic

I ain't never fished in Stormwind before, so I figgered I'd try it out. Now them guards, they were none too happy fer ta see a orc strollin' in the gate, even if I was dressed in me freshly laundered tuxedo and armed only with a fishing pole. Shoved me up against the wall, duped everything outta me bags, called me some rude names, but I didn't take it personal. They asked a few questions, like What were I up to during the Second War (learning ta walk), Did I eat manflesh (not fer at least three weeks - you seen them crazy prices on the AH?) and Were it me what peed on the statue of Anduin Lothar and carved me name in the base (I said it musta been some other Ratshag - mebbe a dwarf). Anywho, they eventually let me go down inta that pit at the front of the city. Were a bugger named Jorgen there, but he understood fishing and let me be.

And afters I were done, that International Council of Achievement Awarding Buggers done awarded me ten points, on account of me being such a diplomatic flubbernugger.


Beermaker said...

Hmmm... Ratshag, I think you and BRK might need to have a talk though. :)


Khol Drake said...

Good show! Good show!