Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kinnavieve - Then and Now

Wow. Ten seasons have gone by since I gritted my teeth and walked through the Dark Portal. In a few days it'll be time for a new journey, to Northrend. Before that happens, I thought I'd take a look at how far my gear and stats have come.

Old and Busted
New Hotness
Stronger! Faster! Even smarter! And looky-look! I have real pants again! Woot! Thank you so much, Talon King Ikiss <3!
(Sorry about all that killing you first business)


Anonymous said...

Who says you're allowed to wear real pants? It should be illegal. You'll never be taken seriously as a paladin wearing those pants.

Cosmos said...

Real pants, once again...


Lemme first just say that it is an extreme disappointment to be unable to gaze at your thighs anymore.
It's as if a part of my life has been irrevocably lost.

Second, you have my heartfelt gratitude for uploading pictures of you when your fleshy extremities were on display.

Always remember this: as you go through your adventures into the lands of Northrend, defeating villains and earning the respect of everyone far and wide, that there are pictures of your bewbz on the internetz.

Anonymous said...

I think Kinnavieve hopes the trend of armor covering more continues - Outlands could be a little chilly in Netherstorm, but Northrend is downright frigid. As much as we enjoy seeing the tart-plate look, I think we prefer her without frostbite. (At least the non-undead viewers. The Forsaken might think a nice blue look to her skin is downright sexy.)

Khol Drake said...

A little blue tinting isn't bad (night elves and draenei anyone?) but it's the blackening that follows the frostbite that's not attractive...