Saturday, March 1, 2008

Is Solidarity Time

Thinks of the babies

Don't Nerf Trees

Now, I ain't neither a 'lock nor a drood, but I don't wants to see neithers Life Tap nor Lifebloom get the nerfbat in 2.4. Life Tap be fundemental to what 'locks is - how they fight, how they gear, how they spec. Ain't right to be changing it this late in the game. And lifebloom? Is how the trees keep you not dead, which is a good far as I's concerned. So I stands with me friends Pelligri and Leafy and all the rest and sez No Nerf!

And locks? If they go ahead and screws ya anyway, go talk to Challe in Nagrand. I bets she knows some excellent baby recipes. 'Cept you Forsaken-types - you cans go ahead and eat'em raw.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! I do have a 'Lock on a server and I would Definitely not be happy if Life Tap was to disappear... I am glad that I am not the only one!!! =)

Bell said...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

Love that billboard! And yeah. I've been posting on the forum for the first time in months to oppose the lifetap change. All the other lock changes I've just rolled with but this one annoys me. I can't believe a blue said 'well, just use int gear'. So, quit using lock gear? /rant off

Not really sure why the nerf on lifebloom either. It's annoying when I'm trying to kill a druid but I never thought it was OP.

Anonymous said...

The easiest thing to do in my opinion if they feel the need to make the changes is to just limit it to arena/bgs as its the reason they're making the change. Then leave it as it currently works in PvE/World PvP

Logan said...

Please don't make us eat babies. Understand that we WILL do it if need be. I know we're evil and all, but we have to draw the line somewhere...

Vaelin said...

Good luck!
This is what happens when you take a PvE game... and try to make it a deathmatch game. ;)

You might be better off campaigning for no more small-scale arenas and more large-scale objective-based BGs!

(It's not about saving lifetap, it's about saving what PvP means in WoW...)

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with nerfing either Life tap OR Life bloom. I think instead of nerfing it, they should make a bandage pattern purchaseable with arena or BG honor points that isn't inturrupted by DOTs, and has a chance to cleanse DOTs. That IMHO would even out the playing field and make it fair in PVP, but not nerf the 'lock so that they can't play and have fun. Lifebloom also isn't OPd. ANY good player can beat anyother player, as long as you know your strenghts, and their weaknesses. I created a 3v3 team the other day and it was me, a rouge, and a mage. I was the best geared out of them, and my gear pretty well sucks. We're right around the top of the 1300 bottom of the 1400 bracket right now. We're 10-30, but we worked hard for those 10 wins. We were losing because we kept getting stuck against teams with 2 druids, or two priests, one shadow, one holy/disc, and us without a healer, would get toasted. BTW if you're intrested in some arena points, and you're not already on a 3v3 team, I could use a good warrior like yourself on my team :) Let me know what you think :) (it's great to offer a position on a team just after having talked about getting toasted I think... :)

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