Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Technical Difficulties

Had me some spare time the other day, so I sez to meself, "Self? Now what we's in our hundredth season an' all, let's celebratize by goin' ta the Firelands and grindin' us some rep?" An' I agreed what that sounded like an excellent idea. So as a shortcut ta Everlook, I fired up me Dimensional Ripper an' let one rip.

But is been a while since I done used it, an' in me excitements I kinda forgot what there be some technical issues in the design. Like, it can set you on fire an' burninate ya to death if'n ya ain't got a cheeseburger or somethin' fer ta scarf down real fast-like.


Well, this is awkward.

But once I got meself not dead no more an' popped over ta the Firelands, things went a lot better. Anticlimacticals, even.

Yeah, Ragnaros, I think a lotta the exotic wimmenz would agrees - only lastin' 1 minute an' 20 seconds is too soon. Mebbe next time try thinkin' about baseball or sumthin'.

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