Monday, February 2, 2015

Could Be Worse

Beetle the Warrior (don't let them pink ponytails fool ya, that tasty piece of gnomeflesh is as amazingly virile as they come) were in Pinchwhistle Gearworks, down Spires of Arakakakak way, when she done ran inta a coupla navigationaly challengified adventurers with dirty feet. Kalaena the Belfmage were none to happy abouts the situation:

Meanwhiles, Dead Douglas were doin' his best fer ta take it in stride:

Beetle pointed out it coulda been worse - they coulda wandered inta Pinchwhistle Point an' become snacks fer the local mushrooms:

Heat, oppressive humidity, infectious fungus - kinda sounds like Houston, don't it? Prolly gots a better football team, though.

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Redbeard said...

Having visited Houston for a wedding over a decade ago, I laughed at this.