Monday, February 16, 2015

How's Ta Buy Savage Bloods Fer 125g

Is easy. Catch is, ya gots ta be patient.

So, in patch 6.1, is gonna be a random vendor showin' up in yer garrison. I's pretty sure the plan is gonna be what there's always a vendor, just a different one each day. Anywho, they's the buggers what's gonna sell the recipes fer the tokens what'll upgrade crafted items ta tier 4. They also is gonna offer a daily quest fer ta exchange 50 ore or herbs or hides or whatevers fer 25 primal spirits - which trade good depends on the vendor. An' then - this be the good part - the will sell you 1 spirit fer 5 trade goods, again which one depends on which vendor.

Remembers all them ores an' herbs what we can barely gives away, 'cause everybodies has they's mines an' gardens? You will be ables fer ta buy an unlimited number of primal spirits with 'em.

I suggests you buggers thinks on that fer a minute. I know I has, an' I's just a simple orc.

Five crappy arsed nagrand arrowbloomers or blackrock candies or firehemps ta buy a spirit. Fifty spirits ta buy a savage blood. Yer mileage may vary, but I's findin' what it ain't hard ta get herbs an' ore on the AH fer fifty pieces of silver. Barely more'n the goin' rate fer ta betray an incarnatified deity.

Whazzit work out to? I'd say buggered if I know 'cause mathifyin' hurts me head, but I alreadies had J. P. Worgen, bank alt whiz, work it out fer me. Is 125 gold ta buy each blood. Prices is fallin' but I's still seein' 600-700 gold fer the fluggernubbers on the AH. So this be quite a bits better, if'n yer in a buyin' mood an' can affords ta wait a bit fer the payoff.

Just thought I'd share that bit of analysizations with you buggers.


Joar said...

That's some right proper accounting there sir. Enough to earn you a fancy new title and achievement. Ratshag, CPA.

Grimmtooth said...

So basically the lovely cheap prices I've been enjoying for my glyphmongering are gonna go away.

Well hell. I guess I needed another challenge.

Ratshag said...

@Joar - The Tiz has always been a demandin' partner: "I need more moneys! You giefs!" Gives a bugger an incentive fer ta figger out where the bargains is.

@Grimmtooth - Most likelies, at least a bit. Exact relationship between the supplies an' the demands is a tough glubbernugger ta predict with so little datafication provided by Blizz.