Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She Told Ya She Were Comin' Fer Ya

Foolish mortals-
Usurper's Children!


Nothing you have done-
Spawn of a lesser god!


I am TRYING to speak here.
Words, words, words. The Master wants murder.


ALL falls to chaos. ALL will be destroyed.
Chaos, chaos!


Your work here today changes nothing.
Chaos, chaos, all things end!


No mortal may see what you have and live. Your end has come.

I think I'm a-gonna break the frickin' jaw on the frickin' right head first.

Editor's Note: Is big hairy Congo rats ta all Kinna's teammates in Parallel fer they's first full clear of the Bastion. Give me regards ta Nefarian.


Kayeri said...

Yay, Kinna!!! Isn't killing his psycho ass a GREAT feeling?? :)

Yeah, we have to go get Nef now, too. :)

Yow said...

Yow bro! =) wanna Link my blog and I link yours ? =)
Left comment earlier about this dunno if u noticed =)
if possible answer at:

Daniel said...


Anonymous said...


I sympathise with you - chatty damned bosses - just get on with it and let me pwn you.