Friday, April 1, 2011

If World Of Warcraft Were A Reality TV Show

Vol'jin done woulda flipped over a table and called Garrosh a "prostitution whore!"

Thirty really hot single young wimmens would all live tagether in a big house and competify fer ta be Yogg-Saron's one true love (or at least get a really fabulous diamond ring and an all-exclusives tell-all deal with a major tabloid). Runners up will be consumed by madness.

The daily cooking quest in Stormwind would wave a 30 minute time limit, and yer quest items would be judged against Dirge Quickcleave's.

Afters every boss kill, raid members would votify the weakest link off the island outta the guild.

Azeroth's Deadliest Catch: gruff but lovable seamen battle the elements and Nagas and pirates and Kvaldir and Murlocs fer ta harvest enormous sand crabs. Nobody's sure why.

The Donald would be a world boss, tuned fer a 40-man raid group, and would drop epic toupees.

King JokkumTabetha, Millhouse Manastorm, Blood-Queen Lana'thel, Shade of Aran, Magatha Grimtotem, Siouxsie the Banshee, and Hogger would share a beach house on the Durotar Shore for three months. Every night they would go into Sen'jin Village, looking fer ta drink and hook up.

Haris Pilton would be a recognized name. Oh wait....


Issy said...

I am _stunned_ at the amount of reality TV you are aware of... :P

Although, the idea of voting the weakest link out of the raid group is.. well genius really.. I wonder how my guild would feel about it :D
*grins wickedly*

I was on Yogg-Saron's Tentacles of Love show.. accounts for the madness :P

Wife of Ratshag said...

I must confess, he is only aware of all of that reality TV because he is subjected to all of it because his wife is hopelessly addicted to reality TV and his wife controls the TV remote 95% of the time. :)

Amoro said...

* ties a noose and hands it to Ratshag... * Here, this will help. My wife gets on marathons of a show called " The secret life of an American Teenager " And I want to sharpen a pencil and stick it in my eyes... I sympathize with your lack of remote " Control "

Love your blog Ratshag


- Icecrown

Issy said...

@Wife of Ratshag *applauds winning of the TV remote wars*