Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How I Wake Meself Up In The Morning

From the wretched hive of scum and villiany what be the Blog Azeroth chat room:

Maerdred: that sounds like a blast. How do you do it? I have been in bed by 10 for the past three nights and I still wake up hating the world.

Fimlys: eh, just do
Fimlys: not happy in the morning, but a shower wakes me up enough
Fimlys: lots of diet coke.. lol

Maerdred: I'm on my second coffee, and it's not helping. lol

Fimlys: :) yeah, i'm really not sure the diet coke works, but i can believe it does.. and so, probably, it does

Jed: red bull gets me through the morning

Maerdred: red bull makes me want to vomit.
Maerdred: that may actually wake me up.

Jed: well then...stay away from my red bull then

Fimlys: if i need an energy drink type thing I prefer "5 hour energy) because it's just basically a shot of something

Jed: i havent tried that yet

Maerdred: I've never tried the 5 hour energy things. I hear they taste horrible

Jed: i should try it out and see how it is

Ratshag: I just keeps a deisel generator under my desk, and hook it up to me two big toes in the morning

Jed: that explains a lot

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Jack said...

This morning it was the cutest little three year old girl in the world saying, "Dad, the restart just kicked me off and I need help logging back on. I'm a pink bunny! Come see!"