Thursday, April 21, 2011

All That Is Gold Don't Fuhggin' Glitter

So, some guilds is done reached Level 25 now. Yay them. One bugger even bragged about blowin' several hundred thousand gold payin' folks ta run dungeons overs and overs and overs so's his guild could ding 25 before anyone else on the realm and get the cheevement. What do this mean ta me (and what should it mean ta you)? Not. One. Glubbernuggin'. Thing.

Let's look at the Free Radicals, where the Warrior With No Name and his friends get tagethers every Thursday ta kill some monsters, kill a glass of wine or Diet Coke or two, and talk smack about Stayappa when he goes afk.

Wow, look at them underwhelming numbers. Current estimication be, the guild'll hit Level 2 around late May. Maybe. But folks is having they's fun, which is kinda the point, ain't it?

It ain't a race, you buggers. Lettin' yerself feel like it be just sets ya up fer feelin' like yer losin'. Find yer funs, whichevers they is, and let the levels take care of theyselves.


Kayeri said...

As it happens, Ratters, my own guild hit 25 just last night. After raiding we saw how close we were, and everyone got excited, so we put together 2 dungeon teams and took off to random heroics. Two and a half dungeons later, we got the ding and everyone rejoiced. Then we all went and got the pretty golden lion mount, strutted around a bit and then went to bed... it was past 1am for me.. :) But it was fun!

Ratshag said...

Sounds like a fun night fer you and yer guildies. Big hairy Congo rats!

Mhorgrim said...

Ratshag, good mentallity to just take your time and enjoy. It's a fine thing when you reach a new level, but racin it through makes for a rotten grind. Keep up the mentallity, it's what the rest of Azeroth needs heh heh heh!

Skraps said...

My guild missed realm first lvl 25 by 4 hours. That made us sad. But not because we worked so hard to get there.

But that we almost did it with out intentionally being the realm first. It would have been pretty epic to get a unintentional realm first.

Instead we were happy to have a parade around Orgrimar on our scorpions.

Dorgol said...

My Horde alt has been in a lvl 25 guild for a few weeks, but his rep is barely even Friendly!

My Alliance main guild just hit 25 last night. Sadly, I'm still 4k rep short of exalted (that's what happens when you don't raid!), so I'm farming a few dailies here and there so I can get my mount(s) (we just recently unlocked the Pheonix) and pet.

That said - my newest alt is leveling entirely sans bonuses, including from guild perks. I want to get back to the place where the game has some aspect of challenge. :)

Theanorak said...


I think half of the raging about the dungeon finder is the notion that you *have* to run a heroic dungeon every day. You dont *have* to. It's nice to, sure, but it probably won't kill you to miss a day.

Bloodshrike said...

I'm enjoying being a philanthropist, getting people to feel they are actively helping the guild, and being rewarded for doing so.