Friday, April 15, 2011

Fish Tremble At The Mention Of Me Name

Just likes ogres, murlocs, worgs, cows, insane Tuskars, Timmy the Cruel, yeti, ghosts of the Highborn, gnolls, arakkoa, Chillmaw, scorpions, bears, abominations, muddy crawfish, pirates, clefthoofs, crocolisks, Amani trolls, Attumen the Hunter, skeletal casters, Scarlet Crusaders, quillboar, nagas, fire elementals, void walkers, gronn, that one white-furred furbolg in Felwood, insecure boyfriends, Alterac rams, vrykul, fel orcs, centaur, pirates, zombie pirates, infernals, wolvar, that dude with all the feathers, spiders, cultists, panthers, tigers, raptors, Knucklerot, Luzran, dwarf archeologists, zombie trolls, mo'arg, kegs of ale, dark iron dwarves, blue dragons, black dragons, infinite dragons, Gamon, kobolds, wind elementals, zombie ninja pirates, pygmies, bears, iron dwarves, oozes, magnataur, fel reavers, satyrs, peaceful farmers in Hillsbrad, wretched, Dragonmaw ascendants, and target dummies.


Unknown said...

Grats, Ratters! That's one of those things that always seemed unattainable to me with all the crazy competition.

Sephrenia said...

So does this mean you are Salty Ratshag now?

Also - you missed Jaina off the list ;) or does she not tremble any more? Is it more of a shudder?

Caledonia said...

Thanks for giving me a smile and a chuckle every week. Love your blog.


scotth said...

There aren't any more peaceful farmers in Hillsbrad, they all been deadified.