Thursday, December 30, 2010

Whar Be Me Boomstick?

Kadomi done touched on this issue with her damn fine Pre-raid Shopping List, but I's gonna go inta more details and call Blizz a buncha felweed-smokin' warrior-hatin' fluggernubbers. 'Cause they is.

Fer the first time, I's gearin' up and gettin' ready fer ta tank current raid content as meself - no magical gnomish transmogrifier what made me a dorf, not sendin' in Kinna or any other alt. Is gonna be me. Prot warrior. Virile comma amazing. Is coming along at a steady pace right now - a little more rep, a few more Justice Badgers, and I'll have a level 85 blue in every slot, all properly itemezified and everythings.

...Excepts fer that green Muffled Blunderbuss in the boomstick slot. What the fuhg?

Turns out, there ain't no blue warrior-itemized ranged weapons. None. Nowhere. Not drops, not quest rewards, not crafted, not rep, not badgers. Zilch. Blizz designed one, but then fergots ta add it ta anybodies loot table, so it exists only on wowhead. Now, such weapons weren't always the easiest ta find, but they did exist. Fer examples, the Boomstick in Outland or the Weighted Throwing Axe in Northrend. And if yer thinkin' "Ratters! Why doncha just pick up a readily-available reasonably priced gun from a trained-up engineer in the tradition of the Gyro-Balanced Khorium Hawtness and the Armor Plated Combat Shitstorm?" That'd be fine, except there ain't one. Engineers can only learns fer ta make Agi-based hunter trash.

But what does we see when we looks at relics, the new Grand Unified ReliToteLibraSigils? We see no fewers than four Strength-based blues at this level: two dps, one tanking, and one fer either. All suitable pallies, death nuggets, and maybe droods (bears is weird though, so I ain't sure. Anywho.). Blizz even hotfixed the mats on the Jawbone fer ta make'em easier ta craft. Just ta adds injuries ta insults, is two more LibraSigils fer sale if'n ya got a handful of Valor badgers. Boomsticks? Not so much.

Double you. Tee. Eff.

Someone needs fer ta tell Blizz ta stop hatin' us warriors. Either thats, or don't smoke quite so much glubbernuggin' felweed when they's plannin' out the upgrades.


Khol Drake said...

I feel your pain, Ratters. Blizz has stated, in no uncertain terms, that combat rogues are supposed to use a fast offhand. Yet, combat rogues are also supposed to favour swords, axes and maces. Of which, there isn't a single fast offhand. Which leaves daggers as the only option. Since the combat mastery is to proc extra offhand attacks, it would be nice if that offhand weapon were actually worth a tinker's damn.

Kadomi said...

Aye, my thoughts exactly. Whoever was put in charge of creating weapons for the ranged slot totally slept through this one, as DPS warriors have exactly the same issue.

Hopefully, they will add that Thundercall bow to the H VP loot table sometime.

That said, I am excited about future posts of Ratters deep in raid content. Make your fellow orc prot warriors proud, hot stud! ;)

Kayeri said...

Khol, a combat rogue friend of mine said something the other day about the fast offhand not being so important as it was in LK and previous the way combat rogues are set up now. I haven't leveled mine yet, but I'll be checking it out thoroughly when I do.

Kharbrydis said...

Ratshag, My warrior found an Abatement Cannon on the auction house some time ago. I think what you have is slightly better, since the cannon is a iLvL 308. Unfortunately, I play alliance and your boomstick is not availiable to me =(

Ratshag said...


Ya, the Abatement is a level 82 blue, and not really as good me blunderbuss. Certainly ain't a pre-raid item. Is however an Alliance equivalent ta me gun - is called the Silenced Blunderbuss.

Kharbrydis said...

Woot! Thanks Ratters. I'll need to hit the Highlands and find that one.

Saffron said...

Gear is always tricky as heck for me.

Cialbi said...

@Khol Drake: Well, I wouldn't take Blizzard at their word as to how a class is supposed to work. After all, their class description of hunters claims that "With the ability to wield two weapons simultaneously, hunters can unleash a flurry of blows against anyone unfortunate enough to stumble into close combat with them".
Ye be warned, critters!