Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Somebody Fire Up The Ripley Music

Time ta go back ta work.

Let's ask the Night Elf Mohawk hisself how he thinks this is gonna go down:

Yeah, that's what I figger too.


Vulpinor said...

Woohoo! Let the hurtin' commence!

scotth said...

I keep thinking of Homer putting on his Ice Cream Man duds.

Sedna said...

Am I a creeper if I say "Mmm, muscly orc back?" We need to bring back Shirtless Tanking Fridays.

Kusamoto said...

I approve of this post/service/warning.

Although...it makes me a little sad to see that mane of grey hair that is quickly turning whiter and whiter. I guess no one lives forever. Well...'cept the undead. They can't get any deader, really.

Lui said...

Gawl look at the green lats on that orc !

Do you need another sweety ?