Monday, December 20, 2010

Is Where We Discuss The Beach From Hell

If yer Horde, and ya been ta the Twilight Highlands, you know the one.

[10:16] ratshag: I think the naga beach just has some settings wrong 
[10:16] ratshag: very, very wrong 
[10:16] llanion: Well, I think that NAGA MISTRESS 
[10:16] llanion: NAGA MISTRESS 
[10:16] llanion: NAGA SPEARMAN
[10:16] stop: Counterpoint: surely NAGA MISTRESS
[10:17] stop: hold on, I've just got to loot this b- NAGA FOURSOME
[10:17] ratshag: NAGA SPEARMAN 
[10:17] ratshag: true, but NAGA MISTRESS
[10:18] Bre: *gigglesnort* 
[10:18] Bre: jeez, must I do the beach when I get there?


Rades said...

Oh, those naga. I totally know what you mean! But you think that's bad, wait till you do the prison daily quests in Tol Barad. The prisoners hit HARD, and if there's a bunch of people killing them at once (as is often the case) the respawn rates will just murder you. Sometimes it's all I can do to kill one, then hightail away from that spot before it almost instantly respawns and engages me again.

There's some empty cells off to the side in which I often find myself hiding and cowering, just escape combat for a few seconds. :|

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