Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Prayer To The Light

Tonight, I slew five of my brothers and sisters.

Their bodies had died years ago, but their tombs have been desecrated by mana thieves, and now their spirits were disturbed and angry. The troll priest said killing them again would bring them the peace they deserved. Did he speak the truth, or was he manipulating me for his own purposes? He gave me a shiny trinket after I had finished the task. Does that mean my actions were just?

I returned to Outland to fight demons. To ensure the safety of my people, and our homeland. To protect those who could not protect themselves.

Yet tonight, I slew five of my brothers and sisters.

I struck them down with my mace, and burned them with holy fire. When I had finished, I destroyed the wicked thieves who had disturbed their graves, and gladly accepted the bounty on their heads. Did that make my actions right?

I am a Soldier of the Light. I fight for justice, and goodness, and righteousness; to destroy evil in all its forms and to serve the people of the world, be they strong or weak.

Tonight, I slew five of my brothers and sisters. May the Light accept their souls and grant them the peace they deserve.

And may It give Its servant the strength to accept Its judgment of her.


Khol Drake said...

There's nothing wrong with making a little money and getting some shinies while you're protecting the weak and upholding Truth, Virtue and the Space Goat Way.

Me, I prefer to be more honest with myself. I do it for the money.

Tesh said...

Depends on your view of the post-mortal kinda-life. If your brothers and sisters have moved on and all that's left is their embodied rage, you may well be doing them a favor by getting rid of it.