Tuesday, August 11, 2009


"The command post is well guarded. Tanks, armed hovercraft, missile cannon, infantrymen in powered armor... all with one mission: to guard that vital spot. And your job is to go in and destroy it. Alone.

"But when those defenders see you, they'll wish they were somewhere else. Because you're not a man. You're a thinking machine.... the deadliest device on any battlefield.

"You're the OGRE."

Were 30 years ago this month what me RL avatar picked up a copy of this game fer $2.95 at War & Pieces, and the world were never the same. Tabletops, RPGs, computer games, and finallies MMORPGs. Is been a heckuva ride, and it ain't slowin' down yet. There's been Ahnold the Terminatafier, raids by the Secret Service flubbernuggers, the y2k bug, and Shadow Labs along the way. Is big hairy thanks ta Steve Jackson, Winchell Chung, and every other bugger what made it start.


Anonymous said...

What about good ol' Gary Gygax?

Khol Drake said...

Old school, brother. Rock the face.

Skraps said...

I recently started a Pen and Paper D&D campaign with a group of friends from college and my son who just turned 14. I did this mostly because I felt I would be a bad father if my son started high school this fall without ever having played a pen and paper RPG.

Kerry said...

Shoot the treads! THE TREADS! I love that game.

Rusty said...

Two words: Avalon Hill

And not the crap company that exists today! I'm talking about the company that came up with Victory in the Pacific, War at Sea, and War of the Roses.

"I don't want to play war games with little plastic figures! I want to play as God intended me to play: with little cardboard squares...WITH STATS ON THEM!!"

Dorgol said...

I never played Ogre, D&D, or the majority of wargames. I did, however, play (and I'm showing off my geek here) Starfleet Battles - the Valhalla of rule lawyers. Cardboard counters was the only way to play.