Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Need More Rides

What with the universe shifting in Patch 3.2, the members of Team Ratshag (and the associated Team Suptail) done got theyselves a buncha new rides. Here be the pics, because we feels like showin' off.

Is Ellspeth, Suptail, me in me Ratdorf shadow priesty form, Phoenicia the axe-loving dwarf chick, Palintera the drood, Noggle the little rogue, Chleya the baby lock, Orctacles the warrior, Kalishna the Death Nugget, and finally me little brother Gogmoth.

Danger Mouse and Alayda the shammy done be working on getting they's epics, but ain't quite there yet.


Khol Drake said... the low rider...

/cue trumpets

Ratshag said...

We is a little higher.

mmorpg games said...

The ostrich looks awesome!