Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mankrik's Wife

For thems of you buggers what didn't get ta catch Ozzy's performance at BlizzCon last night, I thought I'd does ya a favortizing and provide a transcrypt.... tranzilkip.... tazcrippy.... bugger it. Provide you the words he sang fer the special WoW-edition of Iron Man. Enjoys.

Where is Mankrik's Wife?
Is she still fighting for her life?
Can she walk at all
Or is she nailed to a wall?
Is she live or dead?
Has she thoughts within her head?
We'll cry on slash two
"What am I s'pposed to do?"

She was left behind
Somewhere near that archeologic find
When big orc Mankrik
Ran away like a dick

No one can find her
She just stares at the world
Maybe she still lives
Prisoner of the Quillboar


Arlys said...

Hm, thinking Ratshag needs to cover this song for us. Maybe get the Sidhe Devils to help out?

Here, this should help:

twww said...


Anonymous said...

You, sir, are my idol. In a totally, creepy, kinda sick way. Aye, verily, thou doth rock sideways with Crisco!

Khol Drake said...

I second Arlys' suggestion.

Get on it, Ratters.

Zubulous said...


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warlock leveling guide said...

What a crazy idea :P

I demand a video covering that song!