Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is Where Lady Jess Made Kinnavieve Cry

So, Kinnavieve were in Naxx last night, sharing tanking duties with Lady JessTank. They's done did the Heigan dance, and Jess be looking at the loot table fer upcomings Loatheb.

"Why would anyone want those pants? They aren't even as good as the ones I got yesterday!"

To which Kinna sez, "I want them! They're a big upgrade over these crafted blues I've been wearing for seven months because I never see epics drop."

"Really? You sure?"

"Yeah, every stat is higher except DEF, even before you factor in the two sockets."

"But they have shield block stats. Why would you want that?"


"Oh, wait. I thought you were a death knight."

"A, a death knight?"
/lip tremble

"Oh, I'm sorry. I don't know why I was thinking that..."

"It's my stupid stinky helmet, isn't it? I made it invisible, but everyone still knows it's a tainted, evil, saronite, death knight helmet."

Of course, after all that, the big walking plant went and dropped healy gear. Oh well.


Willowbear said...

So you are saying you wanted Loatheb to drop his pants so you could get into them? Are you sure you aren't a death knight?

Khol Drake said...

I'd have more sympathy, but she's pretty when she cries...


Kayeri said...

::offering a hankie to Kinnavieve while privately thinking she really needs to get over this whole death knight thing, it's just not healthy...:: :)

Sedna said...

Hmmmm...Kinn IS rather stuck on this whole Death Knight thing. Are we sure she didn't have a bad date in high school with someone called, say, Maurice?

Dagashai said...

Thassa lotta damn trees there...

Someone ask for a shrubbery or sumpin?