Thursday, July 9, 2009


"Feral, I saw them! They're everywhere! They're gonna get me!!!!"

"Um, Pali? We're in the middle of Ironforge, and you're not flagged. No one's gonna get you."

"You don't understand! They're here, right now, and they're after me!"

"Who's after you, sweetie?"

"....Jungle Gnomes."

"In Ironforge?"

"Yes, yes! They're all around us. They're just .... hiding ... right now."

"Uh huh."

"Really, they are!"

"Pali, what's that you're holding?"

"Oh, it's some Stranglethorn Brew, this month's brew of the month. It's really good."

"Yeah, I think you've had enough. How about you let me vendor it for you to that nice bread merchant over there?"

"Nooooooo...... I need to drink it all, for my achievement."

"All? You've got like, fourteen bottles there. You only need one. Gimme, or I'll tell your mom."

"... all right. Here."

"Now, before I sell all these, your jungle gnomes. Did they look like they had a vibrate setting?"


Anonymous said...

Damn it.. I knew I should have tried harder during brewfest!

I want to be a Jungle Gnome!

Anonymous said...

roffle...oh my...gnome with voodoo mask and posion spears. Where will the fun end!

Khol Drake said...

It's a little known fact that gnomes, in fact, do have a vibrate setting. It's a holdover from before they came down with the curse of flesh.

Badger said...

I know that feeling. They are really everywhere!

batgrl said...

I'm still (mildly) annoyed that they didn't talk up the Brew of the Month thing last year - so many of us had no clue that it was basically the golden ticket for an entire year of mystery drinks with fun effects. So those of us into the goofy have been sighing and hoping that they offer it again for Brewfest this year. Now if only other people besides the one drinking could see those Jungle Gnomes!