Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ratshag. Now With Honor

So I goes and talks to one of them Eye of the Storm recruiters what be hanging around Shattrath City this weekend. I tells the recruiter I's ready to join the fight. She says "wonderful! Sign here." And I does, and a few minutes later I's teleported out to some floating island in Netherstorm, where I's in some bubble with a buncha other hordies. We buff and mount up, and after a coupla minutes the bubble disappears. I followed some buggers to what turned out to be a belf-style tower. We hang around, and pretty soon we gets credit fer capturing it. The other buggers then moved on, but I figured someone should stick around and defend the place, just in case, ya know, and defense is what I's best at.

So how'd the fight go? Well, it's a good thing Mabd weren't there to see how easy I had it on my first time out. She'd've laughed her ass off, and then she'd look funny, and nobody wants that. Or maybe she'd've cried, but nobody wants that neither. Anywho, starts off two towers held by each side. Then Horde captures the flag. Then Horde captures a third tower. Then another flag. Then the fourth tower. Then the flag again. And again.

About this point a gnome warlock comes snooping around me tower. And so I pulls out me axe and we party a bit. Now, I ain't never gonna say another buggers gear sucks. But I will say I beat his arse down pretty effectively in me tanking gear. Which means me dps were maybe half what it be when I's out farming. At least the little bugger tried to do something fer his team. Just after that the fight ended, looking pretty lopsided:So, I got me first honorable kill. Evers. Now I know Mabd be laughing. And come tomorrow, I'll have me first honor points. Plus I got three EoTS Marks of Honor, so I's on my way towards getting me shield.
I's just a simple orc, and prognostificationizing ain't me strong suit, but I's betting it'll be a long time before I sees a battle this easy again.

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Fikkle said...

Grats on your first kill! May there be many more!

70 Mage
Earthen Ring