Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ha Ha! Joke's On You!

Good goin', Mister Core Hound. If'n you weren't so dumbs, you'd done realize what this here be the silliest debuff fer ta throw at ol' Ratters. Reducifyin' by half of not too fuhggin' much means hardlies nuthin' at all. So there!


Stormy said...

I had the opposite happen to me while fighting cultists in Icecrown yesterday. A buff giving me a hundred extra attack power? My shadow priest was a little befuddled...but gracious nonetheless, 'cuz that's her nature.

Shoryl said...

I remember as a Ret paladin both hating Ancient Hysteria-type debuffs and loving the Attack Power bonuses.

Now Gurdrid just muddles through the lower int. So I can't concecrate? Well, that's annoying against Core Hound packs, but not as awful as it could be. :)