Thursday, September 15, 2011

Preparin' Fer The Transmogalypse

"Gotta has goals an' priorities, son, " me dad always told me. "You ain't got you some goals and priorities, I's gonna hit ya in the head with this shovel."

So here's some Gs an' Ps me and the Team gonna done be workin on:

Number the One: Get meself exaltified with the Thorium Bros

Number the Two: Farm the crap outta them cultists in they's cave in Searing George

Number the Three: Alayda needs fer ta bang on them TBC heroics. Especiallies the one with them spacedudes what give crappy gems.

Number the Four: Kinnavieve needs fer ta go to the opera and get culturfied

Number the Five: Keep searchin' fer Tyrant and Jade on the AH

Number the Six: Keep MogIt up ta date

Number the Seven: Do more Trial of the Grand Toothpicks dailies

Number the Eight: Pull every glubberfumpin' box outta the Team Ratshag Secret Headquarters attic and dump'em on the floor.

Number the Nine: Need More Battlegrounds

Number the Ten: Find a reddish orangish plate helm what don't make me head look fat

So, that's how we be gettin' prepared fer the transmogalypse. You buggers got some goals and priorities of yer own, or do dad need ta go get his shovel?


Kayeri said...

Rhiane the rogue needs to hit that big ugly necropolis in Dragonblight to get the belt she didn't save from her first time through there... she has the rest of the Bonescythe, but the matching belt has turned up missing.. .::headscratch::

Kayeri and Miren have no idea what they are going to do, but they both kind of like the upcoming T13 sets, so they just may wait for those!

my daughter Jessica likes T6 for Kayeri, but I didn't do t6 raids during BC, so I feel a little weird about it.. like I'm cheating or something... So Kayeri is collecting some T5, too... problem is, her bank is full and we dont have void storage yet!!!!

Ratshag said...

So what if it be cheatin'? Wearin' any other druid set done be a fashion crime against humanity.

scotth said...

Better get the shovel...

Ratshag said...

Yeah, don't sweat it too much. Dad's way over thill - more'n forty - so he cain't hit too hard no more.

Armond said...

You can't transmogrification your headless horseman's helm?

Fletcher said...

For my draenei paladin, I've got Dungeon Set 3 (Righteous Armour) already farmed up. Or I might go for T4 (Justicar).

For my night elf rogue, I'd really like T4 (Netherblade).

For my night elf spriest, I'd like T8 ... but I'll settle for the old Brutal Gladiator's stuff, which I can actually *get*.

For my gnome mage I'm going with Alliance T9 (Khadgar's) ... or possibly T13 (Timelord's!).

For my dwarf shaman, T10 (though he looks good in his Cataclysm blues).

For my nelf mage, this or possibly this

For my belf DK, this:

For my undead spriest, tier eight.

For my belf priest, T5 or T2.

For my undead rogue, T10.

And I've no idea about my worgen warrior, he's hard to shop for!

Fletcher said...

As far as druids go, I can't bring myself to level one but I do love their pretty pretty armour. T4 is lovely, T5 is lovely, T7.5 is lovely, T8 is lovely, T12 is lovely, T13 is lovely.

T11 is good for troll druids, and if you've got a steak druid you might as well go for the matching T6 salad (and also I will end you, filthy rancid flapping bovine herbninjas!).

Ratshag said...

Still tryin' ta figger out a full set what would do the Helm of Evil Laughter justice. Meanwhile, I's goin' with a reddish theme fer the dps'in'. You will like.

Some nice choices in there. Got some issues with the links, but I's likin' that first mix'n'match mage set. But druid sets is pretty? You needs fer ta cut back on the felweed.

Here, gimme the pipe. Is fer yer own good.

Siobhann said...

I went to the attic and dumped out my little box of old gear. To my delight, stuffed down in the bottom was my Undead Slayer's Blessed Armor! For my hat, I think I'll use that eyepatch Foror dropped in ZA. He didn't seem to want it back. I'll 'mog my staff to Rapture as I think it's the most "druidy" staff in the game.

My shaman is going to MC to beat on some bosses until they cough up some of that pretty, colorful T1.

Michael Oxley said...

Heyas Rats,

Tossing out the Tier gear idea and cobbling together something neat-o with greens that are just lying around (and hoping greens will be allowed for the transmogrification when all this craziness goes live).

My mage, Atheops, will be rocking the Silverthread outfit. Would've liked the all-white Aurora digs but I can't find white boots in any of the Stormwind thrift stores. Herbert Ruggles Tarlek Jr just isn't donating those, it seems....

For my warrior-who-wants-to-be-a-fisherwoman-instead I've saved up the Hyjal reward gear. Y'know the one, all coppery with rings and a bit of chainmail on it.

Finally, I'm dressing my enhancement Shaman as a clown. If she can't bring dps to a group at least she can bring the balloon animals.

John said...

What's a Transmogalypse?