Monday, September 19, 2011

Do The Crab Even Play WoW?

In his interview with Tankspot, he done admits what the plan ta introduce epic gems will give blacksmiths with they's extra sockets a slight stat boost over all the other professions. I guess what since epic gems is gonna be availables ta raiders only first, they ain't gonna buff the other professions fer ta match. But is only a small boost, so they's okay with that. "I think the epic gems are like 10 stat points over the current ones, so it's a nice boost, but hopefully it won't push everyone towards Blacksmithing."

Yeah huh. Hopefullies a time machine'll go back ta 1941 and bring Jane Russell ta me bed tonight too, but I ain't gonna count on that one neithers. Seriouslies, Greg, you buggers surrendered unconditionally ta the min-maxers back in 3.0 - ya got rid of utility classes, ya gave every class a AoE, ya went with "bring the gogogo dps'er not the class", ya did pretty much everything but post yer mom's phone number on Elitist Jerks and rename the company "Third Republic Gaming." We all know dang near every progression raid's gonna end up with 10 or 25 blacksmiths in it, so man up and admit it.

And since yer handin' out goodies ta blacksmiths, where fuhg is me Flying Anvil Mount?


scotth said...

Just make your own flying anvil,

HNtG said...

Sea creatures can rarely be trusted.

TJSunday said...

At least more puggers will have keys on them to open those locked chests in the lowbie dungeons, huh?

Fletcher said...

To be honest I think a lot of the QQ comes from JCs who farmed up a lot of pyrite ore in the expectation that they'd be able to prospect it for epic gems and thus corner the market the day after patch day. I've no time for them.

As for the "everyone in progression raids will respec blacksmithing" - unless you're in the sort of guild that's chasing world or server firsts, nobody's going to force you to take blacksmithing for a measly +20 whatever. +20 whatever is truly insignificant, having that +20 whatever isn't going to spell the difference between downing a boss and a wipe.

Ratshag said...

Need more lateral stabilizations.

Yup. Not crabs, not octopulusses, not none of 'em.

That, and everbody levelin' a rogue fer ta git Legendarified.

Speculatins means yer takin' a risk. Risks don't always pay off. /shrug

I's wiped with the boss at 0% health. I's seen bosses die from dots afters all the good guys was smushed. Might nevers happen again, but given a choice between a +80 bonus and a +100 bonus, I'd take the +100 every time. Especiallies when ya only need a skill of 400 fer ta get that bonus.