Sunday, May 8, 2011

This Bugger's Worse Than That Turtle

Seriously. Dude. We're looking fer the exit. Big fluggernubbin' gate, connectifies the courtyard with the rest of the world. We's done walked past it three times alreadies. The hell made you think it were up these stairs anyhow??!?


Kayeri said...

Ratters, the gnome is just as dumb... ::sigh::

Axeminster said...

Ahhh. . trying to lead Tuga, (or was it Torta), through the wastelands of Tanaris while getting ganked by level 70s. . . Those were the days.

Baade said...

At least Tooga just followed you... Ya didn't have to wait for him to wander around aimlessly for approximately three years.