Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Friday Night Drunken Fighting Words Quotifications

So thunkernubbin' drunk I done went back in time and publishified thish two days early. Oh wellsh. That what be seen cain't be unsheen.

Kinnavieve: I wish to have no connection with any weapon that is not epic, for I intend to go in harm'sh way.

Alayda:Oh, better dat her shattered hulk
Should sink beneat' de wave;
Her thunders shook de mighty deep,
And dere should be her grave; ....hic!
Nail to de mast her holy flag,
Set every t'readbare sail,
And give her to de god of storms,
De lightning and de gale!....hic!
Ya mon!

Danger Mouse: Nutssh!

Phoenicia: We shaa barnie oan th' beachesh, we shaa barnie oan th' landin' groondsh, we shaa barnie in th' fields an' in th' streets, we shaa barnie in th' hillsh; we shaa ne'er shurrender!

Jinnik: Scorn and defiance; shlight regard, contempt,
And any thing that may not mishbecome
The mighty sender, doth he prize you at....hic!

Ratshag: Due to the Twilight's Hammer'sh legacy of drivin' glubbernuggin' volcanoes through certain orcs' houshes, they's about fer to be taught a lesson in the real fuhggin ushe of power. You buggers is gonna be witneshshes.

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Eustashius said...

My eyes melted a la Indiana Jones at that screen shot.