Friday, May 27, 2011

Is The Fury Warrior Guide Ta Inscriptification

So, Phoenicia done be takin' a break from diggin up half of Stranglethorn lookin' fer the Sword What Don't Exist Anyhow. 'Stead, she's gone an' maxed out her Inscriptifyin' skills, and did some dabblin' ta see if'n she could make some money at it.

Now Scribblin' is supposed ta be a good moneymaker. Ya makes a bajillion different glyphs, saturate the market, and spreadsheetify yer way ta riches. Or mebbe yer supposed ta be makin' all them Darkmoon cards and turn'em inta decks of eight and go ta the Fair and sell fer a crapton. Or sumthin'. I cain't be bothered fer ta rememberfy the details. And me? I's just a simple orc from Durotar, but Phoenicia - she's a Fury Warrior. They make us prot specs look like regular Lichtensteins. They's idea of tactics is "shout, get angry, hit really hard, repeat until it's smushed." So, we hadda come up with a system fer someone what's like ta show up at the AH Monday morning still drunk and half nekkid. Or mebbe nekkid and half drunk. Is depends.

Anywho, this be what we worked out. First, buy all the whipyertails and twilight jazzes what be below yer set price. Fifty gold a stack seems ta be workin' well these days. If there's a lot, buy it all, and if there's none fer that price don't buy any. Use an add-on fer ta empty the mailbox so's ya save time. Then, ya mills it all. Again, an add-on (we like Panda) or a macro will keep ya from goin' crazier than a Miskatonic U. research assistant. Inkify all yer pigments. Watch a movie while yer doin' it. Now fer the steps.

Step the One: Forgify a document. Give it ta today's sucker fer easy money.

Step the Two: If yer sold out, make a dozen or so disappearification dusts. Put these on the AH at whatevers the current market price is.

Step the Three: Make all the Mystery Machine Fortune Cards ya got ink left fer. Okay, mebbe save a tenth of it or so. Watch another movie while ya does it. Sell these in stacks of five at current market price or ten gold, whichever be lower. A lot more folks will buy at ten than at thirty, we's found. These may sell in an hour, mebbe take a few days, but they will sell out. Always do. Once they does, you's done made enough gold back fer ta cover the cost of buyin' yer herbs. This means yer inferno inks is free. Ain't that shiny?

Step the Four: Make relisigilibratotems. Is three kinds - jaw, leaf, and eyeball - so ya makes one of each. You'll gotta buy a heap of volatiles (stock up if prices is low) plus them parts from the vendor way fuhg out in Twilight Highlands (buy a bunch so's ya ain't goin back each day). Put'em on the AH at the current price, and be prepared fer ta defend yer position of havin' the cheapest prices on the AH. Check in regularlies and cancel and relist if any jumperjugger undercuts ya. If'n ya can get the mobile AH, that's just plain mad leet hax fer this. When one relic sells, make a new one and list it. Phoe's been ables fer ta sell one a day, every day, fer some time now, at like about a thousand gold profit each. Not shabby.

So, that's it. Surely ain't the way ta make the most money ya can turnin' pro, but it covers yer costs and buys epic flyin fer the younger team members withouts takin too much time. When ya cain't count ta twelve without takin' off yer shirt, that ain't bad at all.


Anonymous said...

So I read this when you first posted it and found it exceptionally useful considering I've recently returned to Azeroth and am "re-noobed." I have a scribe and I'm already reaping the benefits of your advice. For that, I thank you, my scribe thanks you, my alts thank you, and my wife thanks you (although she was rather cryptic as to why).

My first time through this post, I missed something that I just noticed my second time through this post: "When ya cain't count ta twelve without takin' off yer shirt, that ain't bad at all."

That, sir, almost caused me to expel ranch dressing from my nose.

Misneach said...

This is just me using my Blogger account to follow this comment thread. Ignore this post >.<

Ratshag said...

That, sir, almost caused me to expel ranch dressing from my nose.

Dude, that sounds really uncomfortables. Sorries 'bout that.