Friday, March 25, 2011

Is Where Delicate Sensibilities Will Be Protected

Phaedra done complained what this post were not given proper warnings of its mature contentifications. One could argue what this whole blog ain't safe fer work (or play, or sharing a solar system with, or what have ya), but we here wants ta be sensitive ta our readers' needs. So.

The offending post done be renamed "Is Where There Is Forbidden Love (NSFW If'n Ya Work In A Hatchery)". Future posts will have similar warnings up frontish as needed, such as "NSFW If'n Yer A Dairy Farmer", "NSFW If Ya Is A Custodial Engineer", "NSFW If Ya Had Cold Pizza Fer Breakfast", and, of course, "NSFW If Ya Used Ta Be A Lawyer But Gave It Up Fer Ta Be A Sloth Wool Farmer". Don't wanna be upsettin' them sloths, afters all. Buggers get vicious.

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