Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Loose Ends. I Ties Them.

First it were this:

Then came this cheevement:

Then I slaughtered cultists fer this one:

And it all done addified up to:

Which means I now be known as:

Mom, she were real proud. She went all outs, havin' the whole family over, servin' up a Kaldorei roast, tappin' a keg of Uncle Bonechomper's Day Old Piss, the whole nine and three-quarters yards.

Dad, bein' Dad, he were proud too, but 'stead of sayin' so he just left it at "Why fuhg ain't ya gots 55 reps yet?" and drank another beer. But I knew what he meant.


Mhorgrim said...

Ratshag, even though we're on opposite fightin' sides, you got to be one of the finest hard fighten basatards out there! So here's to you! *Cheers* *Then slams down a half a bottle of scotch in envy* Anyways have a great day ya shaggy ol' orc, and drop by The Rusty Blade for some good grog!

Cap'n John said...

Gratz on being Exalted :)

I'm quite enjoying the Title aspect of LOTRO, although the Titles for not dying, in my opinion, seem a little skewed.

Hmm, I see a Blog-length comment coming up. I believe I shall continue my train of my thought on this issue over on my own Blog and finish up with one more

GRATZ!!! :)

Bristal said...

Dude. Just found your blog. Have been purging all the oldies that have given up.

You, sir, have just brightened my outlook on WoW bloggers. Holy crap I'm still laughing.

Here's to Ratshag The Exalted!!!