Monday, September 27, 2010


It's Brewfesht again, 'licious! It's my favorite bestest time of the year ....hic!

Yes, I've noticed that Pali.

And looky what I got! It's a cute widdle iddy-biddy pink elekk, just for ush.

Sweetie, no you didn't.

And we can name him, uh, Pinky! And we can- wait, wha? huh?

I love you Pali, but this happens every year. You have a few too many beers, and you start seeing things that just aren't there. Do you remember the time you thought you'd found a crazy little rabbit-deer?

No, that wash my wolper... wolper... wolperthingy....hic!

And then there was the time you thought Ironforge was fully of vicious jungle gnomes.

They were out to get me ....hic! They were!

Mmm hmmm. I think it's time for me to take you and "Pinky" home and put you to bed.

Noooo... there'sh more beer....

Definitely time to go home. Next you'll be telling me your nightsaber is actually a kodo.

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