Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Second Lesson On Being A Soldier Of The Light

I see you have reached your thirty-seventh season, Jinnik. Are you finding that your fellow adventurers are less vexing than when you were younger?

Yes, Kinnavieve, they are. However, there was an incident yesterday which I am unsure how I should have handled.

Then by all means tell me about it. Perhaps I can help, either as your spiritual mentor or simply as your friend.

I was dispatched to aid a group of adventurers in the Scarlet Monastery, who had apparently lost their healer. But when I arrived, I could not tell which of them was the group defender. There were two who appeared to both be attempting to play that role, almost as if in competition with each other. Yet neither of them had a shield to aid in the defense, so I was confused and distraught.

Well, Jinnik, not every defender uses a shield the way Ratshag or I do. There are the druids, who gain strength through their transformation into a bear, and there are those turncoats the death knights, unholy paladins forsaken by the Light, who train to parry many more blows and so do not need a shield.

I understand, but these companions were neither - they were both soldiers of the Light like us, but clearly trained in the retribution school. And so, I was dismayed to see them insist that they did not need shields. And it was oh so difficult to keep them alive as the Crusaders struck them. I succeeded, but I felt truly truly drained by the ordeal.

Two retribution paladins, each claiming the role of defender? That is troublesome. Allow me to meditate a moment, and endeavor to seek a solution from the Light, so you can be prepared should this ever happen again.

*A moment of quiet meditation*

Ah. Jinnik, the Light has spoken to me, and it is truly wise. Should something like this happen again, you are to break both their frickin' jaws.


Edyion said...

*Tytanya*: Well spoken my sisters in the light. Why i remember the good ol' times when you could let a tank, or wanna be dps tank, bite the big one to teach them the proper way to do things. My Senior holy paladins taught me that method and it has proven quite effective but sadly Randoms have taken the sting out of the lesson. So take your mace. Grip it hard. Then allow the ignorant Retadins taste it for making the rest of us that follow the path of holy destruction look like complete clowns.

Steve - Kestrel's Aerie said...


Tesh said...

I've oft wondered how many problems could be solved by being able to attack your own faction/raid/group at will... even if it was just a slap upside the head or a hammer to the jaw.

Lui said...

Such worthy advice oh great one!