Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just Fer Curiosities...

...I asked everybodies on the team what they's most recent achievement were, accordings ta the armory. Here's what we got:

Me (80): Brew of the Month
Kinnavieve (80): Auchenai Crypts
Vyprania (80): Superior
Ratdorf (73): I've Toured the Fjord
Kalishna (67): Working Day and Night
Gogmoth (61): Fast and Furious
Maurice (60): Master in First Aid
Ellspeth (50): Disturbing the Peace
Phoenicia (46): Sunken Temple
Orctacles (45): Artisan Cook
Alayda (38): Expert in First Aid
Danger Mouse (33): Expert in First Aid
Palintera (28): Going Down?
Noggle (27): Stormwind Stockade
Galertruby (12): The Captain's Booty


Lady Jess said...

Ok...first off, I don't want to know what Maurice is doing to his vict...I mean women. But you better hope Pali's mom ain't reading this! and Galertruby...dude!!

Kusamoto said...

Methinks Galertruby needs to stop theorycrafting about Naxx and Ulduar (still waiting for that guide, though) and get back to leveling ;-)