Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is Where Ellspeth Gets Achievements

Hi everyone! Ellspeth here, and wow! Do I have a lot to tell you!

About a week ago I finally said goodbye to Stranglethorn Vale, with its pirates and nagas and zombies and zombie naga pirates. To help me out as I work my way through Azeroth, Ratters got me these really kicky shoulders and robe. "Heirlooms", he called them, which I guess means he found them in a trunk in his grandmother's attic or something. What matters is, they have skulls on them. Demon skulls! How awesome is that??? My grandmother certainly never wore clothes with skulls on them.

This weekend, I tried something different. I'd already reached my forty-ninth season, smacking around pirates (yes, more pirates) and ogres and icky bug things, and I thought I'd try out this new battleground system. So I started questing in Felwood, but I kept myself in the queue for the Arathi Basin battleground, and took the new in-the-field automatic portal whenever it popped. And then the achievements and XP just started rolling in!

I used a system I learned from our friend Hydra: run, skip and jump around, put dots on anyone who looks at me funny, and sing to myself "I'm cute, I'm cute, I'm cute, you're DEAD, I'm cute..." It seemed to work pretty well, I think!

Okay, just to be clear. I did not loooove that dwarf after he was dead, I just hugged him. And that was already pretty icky, because he was limp and all dissolved on the inside and, well, a dwarf.

Hurray! I made it to my fiftieth season! I hate it when I get oppressed by the Man, but now the trainers is Thrallmar aren't so snooty and will, you know, talk to me. This was only the second quest I had to turn in that whole season!

And now I am trained. I had enough materials stockpiled in the bank to train up to about 325, but I really want to get to 350 so I can disenchant the greens Ratters is getting out in Northrend and be a part of the team again. To do that, though, I'll need to buy stuff at the Auction House. Oh Raaaattterrrrrssss? Can I have some moooonnnnnney?

Did you see the skulls on my shoulders? Aren't they adorable? Tootles!

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