Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Well, I Done Did It

Got me guild through every damn dungeon in Northrend. Done took us over six months, but is still better than what we was able fer ta pull off in Outland. So I's damn proud of them buggers - Zinzi What Gives Good Resurrection, Tarsius the Grumpy Druid, Rim and his Ice Bolts Set To Instant Freeze Dry, Mr Hoof, Throttle the Tinker, Bull What Keeps The Streets Safe, Ix the Death Nugget Twin, and everyones else. Damn proper job, folks.

And fer thems of you what be keeping score at home, this were Goal and Priority Number the Five. Only one left is ta slaughter a few thousand hamsters back in Kalimdor. Well, I's gonna get ta them at some point, but they ain't goin' nowheres. Gotta work on me rep with the Purple Portal Dudes and the Argent Weenies and some of them others first.


Hydra said...


Way to go Ratter guildies! Think about all those big elites you have killed! That is a lot of dead things.

Misneach said...

Congratulations, my friend.

Khol Drake said...

Well done, Ratshag and guild, well done, indeed.

Gridhelm said...

/tar Ratshag

Very good job, sir.