Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is Where The Bear Says “Woo hoo hoo hoooo!”

Hello gentle readers,

Last night I went into the depths of the Obsidian Sanctum with my new guild. I was very excited to be sharing the tanking duties with Windshadow of Big Bear Butt Blogger. And well, umm, yes, there it is, in all its, well, bigness, bounding off ahead of everyone. We were after a renegade member of the Black Dragonflight named Sartharion, and I was a little nervous after not having been in a raid for several months. Would I remember how to be a tank? But just like falling off a bicycle, it all came back to me fairly quickly. Well, most of it, anyway. The ten of us took care of Sartharion and his allies, and I was lucky enough to find a new helmet to wear for when I am not tanking, replacing this one. I can't show it to you though. It makes me look like, well, one of them, and I just hate that. So, invisible it stays!

It was a really grand adventure, and I am really looking forward to having more!


Kraklin said...
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Will said...

Hey, just started reading the blog, you have a really unique way of writing, looking forward to future posts :)

Darraxus said...

I have noticed it has been forever since you played your Paladin (at least going by your blog.

Ever play the dwarven ratters anymore?