Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is Special Welcomes Back Siha Tuesday Night Drunken Singings

Buyin' bread from a pally in Brussels
She were six-foot-four and fulla muscles ...hic!
I said "Do ya speak-a my language, kek?"
She just shmiled and gave me a Bacon of Light sandwich.

And she said:
"I come from the Land Down Under
"Where beer doesh flow and gnomes chunder
"Cantcha hear, cantcha hear the thunder? ...hic!
"Ya better run, ya better take cover!"

So I dids.


Khol Drake said...

Mmmmm....Bacon of Light....

Siha said...

I'm... touched. I think.


Unknown said...

Nice mate. Colin would be proud.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I now have an image of an army of green haired Gnomeaggedons chundering.. ( sorry Gnomer but your the only Aussie Gnome I know)

Anonymous said...

I've had a draft "Land downunder" post on my iphone for over 6 months now... really must pull my finger out and complete it...

Still nothing wrong with an army of Green Haired Gnomes Chundering their way Downunder (Ironforge that is folks...)

Nice work Batman... I mean Ratshag!