Tuesday, March 17, 2009

They Totally Got Vyp A Bunny

The rabbit my new friends Feralicious and Palintera got me... it is soft and warm and it doesn't mind that I am dead or that I have murdered my friends.

It doesn't scream at me in the night, waking me up in a cold sweat.

I like it.

I want to do something to nice for them.


LifeDeathSoul said...

awww.... he is so cute!!!

Wish I could get that bunny on horde side :(

Anonymous said...

That is SO funny... my death knight also has a bunny rabbit. She likes it because its soft and warm and alive and it comforts and calms her just to pet its soft fur.

She bought her own, though... :) It's nice Vyprania has made friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, bunneh, you make the world a better place.

Jason Benefield said...

I'm actually kinda moved by that post.

My death knight has a number of furry pets. It seems to frighten the orphans of Stormwind less when a former terror of their people is roaming about the city with a tabby cat.

Anonymous said...

One Phrase:
"Bunneh o' Death!"

I'm sure she can find some undead rabbit to give them.

Khol Drake said...

I hear little white kittens are popular with young druish couples.