Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is 'Cause Mystic Nibbles Wanted It

What be in a name?

Me and me kid brother Gogmoth, we be named fer famous orc heroes of old times. Me fer Shagrat, the captain of Cirith Ungol, and him fer Gothmog, the Witch King's lieutenant. Ma just liked fer ta mix the letters up a bit. Now, don't go believin' everything what ya reads about these buggers in the history books. Old Tolkien, he were prejudicified against orcs.

Ellspeth, she be named fer the beautiful, brave princess in Dragonslayer. Course, that one got barbequeued and eatified, which were pretty funny.

Danger Mouse? Well, if you was a tiny vicious killing machine, wouldn't ya like that a lot better than "Nancy Burnside"? I think so.

Sally Shears, what you buggers ain't met yet (she's a Death Knight of the gnomish persuasion what hangs with Lady Jess) got her name from classic literature. Sally Shears, aka Molly Millions, aka just Molly, were a jacked-up, silver-eyed, razors-in-her-fingertips street fighter in Gibson's Sprawl books. "'Steppin' Razor. Like unto a whippin' stick ... An' you bring a scourge on Babylon, sister, on its darkest heart....'" Seemed ta fit.

Palintera, Vyprania, Alayda, and Dakoneris, they's names is just names.

Kinnavieve's ma wanted fer ta name her Genevieve, but that were taken, along's with every whacked-out variant ya can imagine. So she changed it a bit.

Maurice be named fer Maurice Chavalier. "Oh, thank heaven, fer leetle girls..."

Phoenicia's name were 'cause Team Ratshag's RL friends were playing on Cenarion Circle again, after being gone from Azeroth fer many months. So it were a rebirth of sorts. That, and she got red hair.

Galertruby? Well, obviously the lad couldn't tell me his real name, so I just hit the "random name" button, and that's what popped up. He seemed ta like it.


Kay said...

Ahhh, so no relation to THIS Danger Mouse, hmm?

Sarai said...

I have the entire Dangermouse series on DVD. >.>

Yes, I'm a geek.

M said...

lol, love it.

Anonymous said...

I saw the comment about Sally Shears and had to read the rest. Just to see if you had made it up or had read Gibson.....guess I got my answer! Nicely done!

Gunsnbutter/Cerdwyn on Uther