Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ratshag's Goals And Priorities, 2009

Is important ta haves goals and priorities. They makes it possible fer ta focus, ta gets the things ya wants. And they keeps yer dad from beatin' the crap outta ya when he asks "What're your fuhggin' goals, boy?"

So, here's what I's got, now that I's in Northrend.

Number the One. Get ta me 80th season. Ya, okay, that one's fuhggin obvious. Six seasons ta go, right now.

Number the Two. Get the blacksmithing skill maxed out, so's I can craft up some epics fer me and me guildies. Ain't nuthin' like the feeling of working up a righteous sweat at the forge. Well, except fer slaughtering evil unarmed peaceful villagers fer thems what's gonna pay you. And listening ta the wail of despair a rogue lets out when he realizes yer overpower's procced and everything he's got's on cooldown. Oh, and that quick burn ya get when flames come out of Alexstrasza's mouth 'cause she's just reached her special moment. Okay, so there's a few things like it. Still, righteous sweat at the forge, is a good.

Number the Three. Get me a white drake ta rides. Gonna cost a few thousand gold, but is gonna be freakin' worth it.

Number the Four. Get me another title. Afters all, ain't nuthin more diplomatic than slaughtering a few thousand ogres and naga and following it up with a crapton of furbolgs.

Number the Five. Gonna lead me guild inta every dang dungeon in Northrend. Gonna clean that place out.

Number the Six. Onyxia. Bitch is gonna die. She's been living on borrowed time fer a year and a half, time fer ta end it.

Number the Seven. Don Carlos' Famous Hat. I wants it. Ya, I know there's hats and hats and more hats. But this one, it look dang good. And oh yeah, it do that ghost doggie thing.


Fuzzy Porcupine Paws said...

Rather ambitious of you. I'm interested to see what your other persona's have planner for this year.

Anonymous said...

Rimunathah approves your plan! He sees a lot of explosions in his future!