Thursday, May 1, 2008

WTB Haelzor 4 Kara, pst

Me friends Jessika and Keredria over in The Left Claw guild done got a problem. They's been progressing quite nicely through Kara lately, but they just lost one of they's two healers. Weren't no drama or nuthins, just plain old simple scheduling problems. Nothing unpleasant or awkward or unusual. Them rumours about the two healers being in a love triangle with the MT what spiraled out of control, leading to a big blow-up in Shattrath with a thrown chair accidently hitting A'dal hisself? Totally unfounded. Just as I's sure there's no truth to the stories of mandatory after-raid decadence in the formaldehyde dens in the undead quarter of Lower City, or the strange tales of guild initiation rites with a two-headed ogre what they keep chained in the basement of guild headquarters. But I digressifies.

Truth is, they's nice, friendly, talented peoples and they's looking for a Kara-level healer on the Drenden server. I'd be offering them me services, but me dance card be pretty well filled by Aetherial Circle at the moments. So if yer interested, get in touch with either Jessika or Keredria. They'd loves to hear from ya.


Anonymous said...

Slander and lies! We are 100% drama-free.

Oh, I should add that healers allergic to formaldehyde or ogres, or with more +healing than Keredria need not apply.

Carolina Blue Dreams said...

Oh actually I would welcome anyone with more +healing than me. Then I could do my nails or catch up on Oprah whilst healing Jess.

Anonymous said...

I usually sit out of the AC runs to let other healers gear up. I do fill in as needed and feel free to look for me I should be on.

Khol Drake said...

*thinks about rolling a healer just to be caught up in the neither confirmed nor denied love triangle*