Saturday, May 3, 2008

Da Runnings of Da Bulls

The gathering began in Mulgore hours before the race. Dancing and duelling and just hanging out.

Various funs and games as the crowd grew.

Spelling stuff out in tauren were a big hit. I were a little disappointed, though, that nobody wanted to do "Ratshag". What's the matter with you buggers? Don't you loves me?
Is big thanks to MalokkolaM fer the "moo" pic!

Gettin' close to racetime and the crowds is gettin bigger. Wants ta give a shout-out to Hecatuul, fer all the work he did ta provides people with the purple shirts. Many thanks, bro!

Massing up at the more-or-less start line

And they's off!

We swarmed across the Barrens, totally overwhelming the quillboars and surprising a few unsuspecting questers...

Coming up on Crossroads

Crossing the bridge into Durotar.

Everybody getting onto the zeppelin were one of the funniest sights of the day. Me, I'd run out ahead so's I could be sure to be on the first one. Lag and frame-rate issues were out in full force, and a number of the racers kept right on running and off the other side...

Can ya see me in there? I's the short one...

Was most impressive goblin technology in action. Despite a hundred or so sides of beef, we had no troubles staying airborne.

Heading fer the Silverpine Forest. Some hardy souls opted to swim the lake, and a few even tried cutting through the Plaguelands, but most stuck to the main road so I ran with them.

Can you hear's the distant thunder?

Can ya hear it now?

Arathi Highlands. Here's where it got real interesting. Them raptors and spiders was real appreciative of the "we deliver to you" beefburgers. Somewhere along the road, an undead mage joined the leaders and helped keep the local wildlife off them.

"For Sharvan!"
There was members of Sharvan's family running with us, and I knows they appreciated everybody's kind wishes. So on they's behalf, thankee.

Hammerfall! Some of the shaggy buggers actually made it!

And there they is, dancing on the mailbox with the lovely Zinzi. Big grats to our winner, Slokoshka!

The carnage along the road? it were glorious.

I spent some time doing what I could ta help the stragglers keep going. I tells ya, though, it be dang hard ta keep a second season adventurer alive in Arathi...

Original plan had been ta port folks to Shattrath, but the mage situation didn't work out. But no worries! We just turned the race around and took it to Ironforge! Boy, were them anklebiters surprised. I got there late, and the party and moved on to Stormwind, so I just followed the trail of bodies.

The festivities was still going strong when I had ta leave. Last I heard, they was forming up to go take down Hogger. Big thanks to everybody what came and helped make this a thundering success!


Anonymous said...

I just wish I hadn't been a few minutes late =(

Oh well. Ironforge is going to have a corpse trail to the tram for a while.

Anonymous said...

Had a problem with the Ratshag spelling, laging made it impossible to alt+tab to look it up. Sorry, should have been better prepared

Anonymous said...

Wanted to spell out Ratshag around the same time we did BRK but I don't think we had enough cows yet. Maybe we could have done "Rats..." =)

Malok said...

It was awesome! Thanks Ratshag, and thanks for the plug, it weren't necessary, but is appreciated. You guys did a great job, Sharvan would be proud.

Unknown said...

:( I couldn't come, I had to work that day. /sad moo ;_;

But, it looks like they all had a lot of fun! Maybe I'll be able to come to the next one, if there is a next one. :D

Horrify said...

It was good fun! Hope Sharvan's family enjoyed it as much as I did.

Check out my new blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm so disappointed I missed it. Great job, everybody.

Gauntlet said...

Manotaur and his friends, Steakdinner and Moocowess had a blast with the herd.

Bell said...

Nice butt shot, Ratter.

Dorgol said...

If you look closely at the bottom cow in the second "o" of "moo"... you'll see me.

Sadly, I wasn't able to make the race.

Tox said...

Just to let you know, I'm officially claiming rights and privileges to call myself the first to acquire and don the Purple shirt. I'm honored and privileged to take part in this event.

For Sharavan! mmmooooOOOoooOOoo!!

Good Hunting,

Becca said...

I'm a little late, but finally got my screenshots up. ^_^

I wanted to thank you and BRK for organizing this event... it was an honor to be a part of the run, and wonderful to see so many people /mooing for Sharvan.

Anonymous said...

got my pics up too...

Anonymous said...

omg that's hillarious! Right on! If you do another make sure to post it here! I would totally make a char on your server for that! What fun!

Khyle said...

Wow, I love the pics. I think it's so cool for you guys to 'form' and spell a whole world. SO cool!