Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blackrocks is a Buncha Wankers

I don't usually likes ta get into politics. The three wars is over, and I supports Warchiefs Thrall's policy of focusing on building up our people's strength so's we can fight the real enemies, like the Burning Legion. Howevers...

This here enormafuhgging statue be the likeness of Sir Anduin Lothar, onlies he weren't that tall in real life. He were a big time general for the hummies during the first two wars, before old Doomhammer did fer him outside of Blackrock Spire. So I understands them wanting to honor him. But this here statue were built with slave labor, orcs pulled outta the concentration camps and worked 'til they dropped. Me older sister Azhgula were one of these slaves, and her leg was crushed by a stone piece was slipped and fell on her. So the whole big pile of rocks be a symbol of the enslavement of me people, far as I's concerned.

And today it stands in the middle of the Burning Steppes, surrounded by camps of them outlaws, the Blackrock Clan. And what does they do it? Does they tear it down? Does they quarry it fer they fortifications? Do they scribble dirty graffiti on his legs? No. They does nothing. They's a buncha lazy-arse, disrespectful wankers.

Fuhggit. I'm gonna go have some beer.


The Troll Hunter said...

Hey no problem mon.

I be grabbin some of the other Troll boys and we ride out there with our paint cans and be a taking care of Sir Anduin Lothar real good for you mon.

Maybe even write some nice Mr. Marley lyrics on him too.

No problem, we got it covered.

Anonymous said...

Now you see? THIS is the kinda lore I can get into. "Why Anduin's statue looks like a flower-power conclave".

Anonymous said...

I'm not even Horde, and I don't like that statue. Though I think it's more the pompous pose than anything it stands for... I mean, seriously, who stands like THAT?

I'm all for sowing confusion and despair in those Blackrocks for ya while you paint a mustache on the bugger. Draenei need revenge too...